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It takes the same amount of energy to tread water as it does to swim to shore.

- Chad Theriault

Growth Coaches specializes in maximizing the results of your team to increase bottom line profits.

We base all of our recommendations and processes on the balance between your individuality as a company (and people) and our extensive experience across multiple market segments.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” in our business.

Why Choose Us

When asked, most companies tell us, “we do it this way because it is the way we have always done it.”  
Our vast coaching experience spans over 25 years of successful projects in many industries and clients in the USA and Canada.

We bring a common sense approach to solve the challenges your business faces.  We take the best practices from all our experiences and apply them to your organization.

Our Principles

Motivate staff through effective programs.  

Consulting has the reputation of "The Terminator," the assumption is that we go in and clean-house.

That could not be further from the truth for Growth Coaches. Our focus is on getting the best out of all employees through proper motivation techniques and time tested methods.

What we are good at

Consulting Services

Business Metrics

Analyze key data to ensure decisions are driven by facts as much as possible using top tools and methods.

Financial Tools

Forecasting and proper financial modelling from data driven decisions is key to long term success.

Project Management

Kanban, Agile / Scrum, Waterfall.
What method is best for your projects and how to implement and utilize to full potential.

App and Process Design

Sometimes a custom application is needed - or a customization of an existing program. We have extensive app experience.

Work From Home

Utilize the tools to keep staff motivated and on task while working remotely.

Task Organization

Setting proper priorities and managing tasks is important. Use proper processes for communication and collaboration

Growth Coaching Steps


Data driven decisions and KPIs


Deep dive into information to identify overall scope and opportunity for company growth.


The path to


Create mission, values, goals and path for the company..


Team synchronization


Ensure team and tools run at maximum efficiency with deliverables and data driven capabilities.


Meeting structure


Guided meetings and performance rhythms for continual progress towards goals..


Continual improvements


Feed the system with data and input and modify in order to continually improve.

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Meet our leading specialists

A team that can change your business!

Our team leaders are highly skilled in servicing clients and working with your staff and contractors to complete all steps required for success.

Financial forecasting, team motivation and management, overall strategy design and implementation.

Chad Theriault

Head Coach

Marketing tools and analysis, application and process design, team management, custom application design.

Christopher Christie

Marketing Coach

Agile / Scrum team management, technical implementation

Fred Read

Technical Coach

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Quick analysis of your business

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Does your team have an action plan?

Clear goals and tasks leads to greater productivity. Do not leave your team guessing what a successful month looks like.

Why do you do it "that" way?

Too many times companies just do what they do because that is how they have always done it - is it time to evaluate what's new?

Do your meetings lack focus?

Don't meet for the sake of meeting. Each meeting should have an agenda, goals and a desired outcome before it starts.

Get the best results for remote workers

In these changing times more people are working from home - learn how to get maximum results and benefit from these changes.

Do you have the data you need?

Many companies put too much of the time into decision making and not enough time into the data that drives great decisions.

Are we on track for our overall goals?

Define your goals objectively, measure your performance, adjust as you go to ensure the best chance to succeed!

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